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How the Volunteer Centre is Run

The Volunteer Centre operates democratically and with equal opportunities policies. This means its running is intended to be responsive to the views and requirements of all member volunteers.


The running of the Centre is controlled by the paid Centre Manager and the Organisation Manager, who is responsible for implementing the policies and directives of the Board of Trustees. This involves recruitment, placement and support of volunteers; administration, finances and statistics; publicity, public relations and liaising with other volunteer organisations.

Ed Mountifield                                   Adele Gould

    Centre Manager  Office Manager/Befriending coordinator            

In these duties the Centre Manager is assisted by an ofiice Manager, , a Social Groups & Volunteer Co-ordinator and Transport Coordinator along with our caretaker/cleaner. Volunteers also undertake certain office tasks and the placement of some incoming jobs.


       Hannah Kitson Sandra Oates

        Transport Co-ordinator Social Groups 

Volunteer Co-ordinator 




           Janet Goulding                       Cleaner/caretaker                                                               

Board of Trustees

The policies and general management of the Centre are directed by a Board of Trustees. This consists of members elected by and from volunteers, plus some representatives of interested external organisations, together with the officers - Chairperson, Company Secretary and Treasurer. The Trustees carry responsibility for the actions and running of the Centre. The Board generally meets in full every two months and there are also sub-committees.

Although the Centre maintains an independence in its running and policies, there is an inevitable accountability toward those who fund it. Major financial support comes jointly from High Peak and Dales Primary Care Trust and Social Services, who have certain expectations of us. Other money is received from the Big Lottery, local councils, organisations and agencies, and through fund-raising.


Kevin Scott - Chair Michelle Simpson - Vice-chair


Doris Higginbotham


The Board of Trustees directs the running of the Volunteer Centre and the formulation of its policies. Trustees are elected at the Centre's AGM or invited as representatives of interested external organisations.

The Board also has representatives from organisations such as Local Government Councils, Social Services, Community Health Care, the Council of Churches, etc. The Centre Manager is invited to the Board meetings, but cannot vote.

Meetings of the Board must take place every 2 months. Decisions are taken by majority voting.

The procedures of the Board and rules governing the Centre are written down in our Memorandum and Articles of Association. As a registered company limited by guarantee (Company Number 4666277) and as a registered charity (Number 1097655) we have obligations under the Companies Act and the Charities Commission.

Currently the Officers of the Board of Trustees are: Acting Chair - Charles Crookall; Company Secretary - Carole Evans; Treasurer -  Doris Higginbotham, Acting Vice Chair - Michelle Simpson

We are committed to delivering quality services and running an organisation built on best practise. Our Annual Quality Improvement Plan, builds upon our achievement of gaining recognition for achieving level 1 in the PQASSO (Practical Quality Assurance System for Small Organisations) framework in 2005. We have also acquired level 2 in 2010.


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New Mills Volunteer Centre always welcomes new volunteers or requests for our services.

Our volunteers undertake a wide variety of activities, such as driving housebound people to appointments, shopping, befriending, working with groups, and gardening and DIY.

Volunteers also assist in the Centre office, on reception, in Committee work and through fundraising.

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