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How to Volunteer

We have over 130 volunteers registered at the Centre, from a wide variety of backgrounds. Volunteering is open to everyone, on an equal opportunities basis.

Anyone wishing to become a volunteer needs to fill in an application form and supply two references. Depending on the volunteering activities to be undertaken, a Criminal Record Bureau check may be required.

Volunteer Activities

New volunteers are asked what types of activities interest them, and when they are likely to be available. These details are filed. When a suitable job comes in, relevant volunteers are contacted in turn to see if they would like to take it on. Some jobs are regular and ongoing, for example office duty, shopping, committee work, groups etc. In these there is scope for individual initiative in developing their own field for serving the community and the Centre. Such self involvement leads to a greater fulfilment in voluntary work.

However, each volunteer is free to choose their own level of involvement, and every contribution is welcome and valued. Similarly, while some volunteers join temporarily, others have a long-term commitment, some having been with the Centre since it opened.

Volunteering Principles

Volunteer work is unpaid apart from expenses, but it has a number of recompenses. There is a rightful fulfilment in helping others, directly or indirectly. Volunteering also encourages social interaction with a variety of people. It promotes personal development, enables the acquisition of new skills and provides work experience.

Our volunteers have a caring role for people in the community and also toward each other. The aim is to respect everyone, to maintain confidentiality, and to be flexible.

For more information on volunteering opportunities

please contact Adele on 01663 744196


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New Mills Volunteer Centre always welcomes new volunteers or requests for our services.

Our volunteers undertake a wide variety of activities, such as driving housebound people to appointments, shopping, befriending, working with groups, and gardening and DIY.

Volunteers also assist in the Centre office, on reception, in Committee work and through fundraising.

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