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Accompanying frail or nervous people

Helping to escort housebound elderly and disabled people on shopping and recreational trips. Weekly shopping trips take place on Thursday from 10am to 2.30pm to a local town shopping-centre within 30 miles of New Mills. Some of these people require pushing in wheelchairs, an arm to link, or befriending by volunteers.

Escorting can also be undertaken as part of Befriending, Driving or Groups Help, but occasionally there are individual requests from people to escort them somewhere due to some health problem.


For more information please contact

Sandra on 01663 744196


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New Mills Volunteer Centre always welcomes new volunteers or requests for our services.

Our volunteers undertake a wide variety of activities, such as driving housebound people to appointments, shopping, befriending, working with groups, and gardening and DIY.

Volunteers also assist in the Centre office, on reception, in Committee work and through fundraising.

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